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Bathing at Hueneme postcard
The Port Hueneme wharf is in the background of a crowded beach. A large wooden ship is docked at the end of the pier. Several dozen people are in the water and on the beach, men and women alike. Two men stand together, looking towards the camera. A…

Bathing at Lyon Springs, Matilija Canyon postcard
A river or pond with a rocky beach made up of large white stones and boulders backing up to a forest. A man in a suit and yellow hat sits near the top of the beach. A woman in pink sits closer to the shore. In the water are two children on a yellow…

Greetings from Oxnard, California postcard
Postcard stating "Greetings from Oxnard, California" with five photos depicting various beach and ocean scenes on a yellow background with a lifesaver near the bottom attached to ropes. Middle photo shows a group of six women running along the beach…


Matilija Hot Springs, Cal. 1905 postcard
Image of swimmers at Matijila Hot Springs. A large group of figures in early 20th century bathing suits pose on the porch and staircase of a Victorian style building. The building has ornate decorative features and it set in front of a rocky hillside…

Arvella and Charles Temple at Beach House
Group photo of Arvella and Charles Temple in swimsuits, standing with friends in front of beach house. There are four men and three women altogether.

Hiroshi and George Takeda
This image shows Hiroshi (left) and George Takeda standing on the beach in either Oxnard or Hueneme. Hiroshi holds a ball under one arm. They wear typical swimming suits for the period.

Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi
This snapshot shows Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi posing for a friendly picture. The boys are dressed in bathing suits and they are standing in the center of four tire innertubes. The photo appears to be taken in a residential backyard. A wooden fence…

Inadomi Siblings at the Beach
This image shows George, Jean, Kiyo, and Iris Inadomi on the beach in either Oxnard or Ventura. There is a dock or a pier in the background.

Women and Baby in Surf Near Pierpont Pier
Group photo of Henrietta McNeil, baby Lee Mosher and mother (Mabel Mosher), and Rebecca Mosher standing in the surf by Pierpont Pier in Ventura, California. Pier visible in background. Women are in swimsuits and Mabel Mosher wears a swim cap while…

Bonita McFarland and Katherine Hoffman in Swimsuits
Bonita McFarland, left, and Katherine Hoffman in swimsuits standing along a wall smiling at the viewer. Verso of photograph states: "Katherine Hoffman and Bonita. This was taken in 1932 August at the Rancho Casitas while swimming in their private…

Young Women at the Beach
Four young women pose for a photo at the beach. Standing in calf high water are (l-r): Maria Sanchez, Pilar Gurrola, Refugio Sanchez. They all wear dark colored one piece swimsuits. Concha Guerrero sits in the water in front of them in a swimsuit…

Bathing in the Ventura Surf
A group of men and women stand in shallow water at the beach; they stand in a row holding hands facing the viewer. Other men and women stand in the surf in the background, one woman sits on a man's shoulders.

Matilija Plunge Group Photo
Group photo of four boys in swimsuits standing in a line on steps outside of Matilija Plunge. There are some adults in the background seated on a porch.

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