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Ventura Bath House postcard
Interior view of the Ventura Bath House, showing swimmers in the pool, spectators on a balcony.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (C.T. American Art, Chicago, Ill.), A80120]

Matilija Hot Springs, Cal. 1905 postcard
Image of swimmers at Matijila Hot Springs. A large group of figures in early 20th century bathing suits pose on the porch and staircase of a Victorian style building. The building has ornate decorative features and it set in front of a rocky hillside…

Pierpont Beach After Destruction of Fishing Pier
View of Pierpont Beach looking west from east of Seaward Avenue after fishing pier was destroyed. Four figures, probably children, play in the waves, houses and mountains in the background.

Young Women at the Beach
Four young women pose for a photo at the beach. Standing in calf high water are (l-r): Maria Sanchez, Pilar Gurrola, Refugio Sanchez. They all wear dark colored one piece swimsuits. Concha Guerrero sits in the water in front of them in a swimsuit…
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