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George Sifford
Full portrait of George Sifford, standing with his hands behind his back looking to the right of the viewer. He has a mustache and is wearing a three piece suit and tie. A chair next to him holds a top hat and there is a small tree stump next to him…

Celebrating the Completion of a New Telephone Building in Ventura
A crowd of men, women and children gather in a new telephone building to celebration its completion. Building on the corner of Fir and Santa Clara Streets in Ventura. One man sits at a desk with a telephone in hand as if speaking on the phone.

Thomas C. Daily and Aileen Donovan Daily Wedding
Photo of wedding party of Thomas C. Daily and Aileen Donovan Daily. Second from left is Milton Daily, then Thomas Daily (groom), Aileen Donovan Daily (bride). In front Margret Daily and Edna Daily next to bride. Other Daily family members present in…

Thomas C. Daily and Aileen Donovan Daily Wedding
Photo of wedding party on steps of the C.J. Daily home. Top left is Milton Daily, Thomas Daily (groom), Aileen Donovan Daily (bride). Bottom left is Margret Daily, Edna Daily.

E. W. Daily Family on Porch
Group photo of The Daily Family. Front: Etta Daily, Lenora Daily, W.P. Daily.

Mrs. and Mr. E.W. Daily in Front of Home
Glossy photo of Mrs. and Mr. E. W. Daily standing in front of porch railing at the E. W. Daily home.

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Automobile and People in Front of Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
Matte photo of automobile in front of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory. People standing next to automobile.

Note: Museum records include text "Visiting Sugar Beet Factory."

Man in Citrus Groove
Brown toned photo of man adjacent to citrus grove holding fruit.

Note: Museum records include text, "Mr. Scruggs - The Photographer Minister."

E.W. Daily Family in Front of Their Home
Glossy photo of E.W. Daily family members on steps in front of their home at 145 Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA.

Daily Daughter's Husband with Child
Matte photo of husband of a Daily daughter, husband holding baby son, in front of steps of home in Burge Mason, Oregon.

Museum records include text, "Senior & Junior Burge Mason," and, "A proud father Burge Mason Oregon."

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Daily Family in Front of Their Camarillo Home
Photo of E.W. Daily home. Daily family members in foreground. Two women, three men, and a dog.

Note: Museum records include text "The Old Homestead."

Two Women and a Man by Citrus Tree
Photo of two women and a man standing in front of citrus tree. One woman reaching up holding fruit with left hand. Man appears to be waving. Dog in foreground.

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Man with Child in Snow
Photo of man holding child's hand in heavy snow in front of home.

Note: Museum records indicate that location is likely Michigan, and include text, "Orego."

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Group Photo Near Matilija A
Two group photos taken in the area of Matilija Canyon.

Photo A: Several people sit on a boulder. Identified as C. C. Staunton, Jenny Stump, Doris Pennypacker, Annie Hanrahan, DeLee Staunton, and Peggy Staunton.

Photo B: Several people pose by a…

Staunton Family Photos A
Three photos showing members of the Staunton family.

Photo A: DeLee Staunton and her mother Peggy standing by a four-limbed tree in Plaza Park, Ventura. DeLee stands in front, and holds two of the main branches. She wears a white dress and brimmed…

Staunton Family in Plaza Park A
Three views of the Staunton family at Plaza Park in Ventura, Calif.

Photo A: DeLee Staunton as a child standing on a unpaved path beside a hedge. She has a sprig of leaves in her hand and is looking at it. She wears a white dress and bobbed hair. …

DeLee Staunton Marshall and Family A
Four outdoor photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall and her family.

Photo A: DeLee as a child standing with three of her relatives. Annie Hanrahan (aunt) and Marguerite "Peggy" Staunton (mother) stand in back. DeLee and Mary Longmaid Hanrahan…

Group Photo on Steps
Group portrait on steps outside a building. Shows four men and four women wearing formal suits and dresses. Three of the women and one man are holding flower bouquets. Possibly a wedding photo. On ecru cardboard backing.

Group of Young Men and Women
Scene showing a group seated on steps outside of a building. Three young men wearing hats and suits are sitting on the bottom step. They are smiling and looking towards the viewer. Behind the men are three young women wearing hats. They are partially…

Young Man in Suit and Bowtie
View of a young man dressed in a suit with jacket, waistcoat, bowtie and hat. The man is leaning against the exterior wall or a building. He has his hands behind his back and he is looking towards the viewer. On ecru cardboard backing.

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Frank Sam
Portrait of Frank Sam as a young man. He wears a pinstripe suit with patterned tie and pocket square. His hair his parted and slicked back. He smiles slightly at the viewer.

Sam Him
Portrait of Sam Him as a young man. He wears a large, double-breasted coat and tie. His hair is parted and slicked down. The background of the image has been blurred out.

James Jue
Portrait of James Jue wearing a dark colored suit and tie. His hair is combed back. He looks towards the viewer.


Sue Sem and Kim Ung
Studio portrait of Sue Sem and Kim Ung. Sue wears a calf-length wrap dress with Chinese watercolor pattern. She holds a clutch purse. Her hair is bobbed. Kim wears a light-colored, double breasted suit. Both look towards the viewer.

Charlie Sem
Studio portrait of Charlie Sem posing next to a small table. He wears a pinstriped suit and looks towards the viewer.

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