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Ventura Senior High School and Students
Group photo of Ventura Senior High School and Junior College students. The school buildings can be seen in the background. Museum records indicate this is a copy of two other photos.

Ventura High School, Class of 1905 and 1906
Group photo, Ventura High School Class of 1905 and 1906. Students and teachers sit and stand on concrete steps leading up to the building's front door, most likely Ventura High School. Some students and teachers in the photo are numbered, but not…

Ventura High School and Junior College Students and Faculty, 1932
Outdoor group photograph of students and faculty captioned "Ventura Senior High School and Junior College March 2, 1932, Ventura California." Students and faculty are in seven rows, some sitting and some standing. Black and white inset photo of…

Teresa Ordoñez as a Child
Teresa Ordoñez, seated, front row left. She appears to be in a classroom along with several other girls sitting on benches or standing, possibly a class photo. A teacher stands at a chalkboard on the right of the image, and the chalkboard reads…

St. Catherine's High School Class of 1933-14
Group portrait of St. Catherine's High School Class of 1933-34. (Left to Right, Standing): Katherine Hoffman, Rita Mae McGraf, Mary Ida Daly, Betty Lou Bonstell [possibly Bonestel], Eleanor Lagomarsino and Janice Daly. (Left to Right, Seated):…

Somis School
Photo of Somis School from a distance, full building is in view as well as a tall flag pole with a United States flag flying. Children and horses are in view along a fence that appears to surround the school grounds. Writing on photo: "For Artie,…

Somis School
A group of children and a dog stand in front of Somis School, established 1895, which stands prominently in the background. An adult, possibly the teacher, stands at the steps to the school. A sign on the school reads "Somis School 1895." Writing on…

Santa Paula School
Oval portrait of students in front of Santa Paula School, which appears to be a one-room school building. J. B. Alvord, teacher. All the boys appear to be wearing hats and the girls are in long dresses. A person is standing in the doorway and there…

Santa Paula North Grammar School
Panorama group photo of the students and staff of the Santa Paula North Grammar School, including Principal Elsie S. Miller and Superintendent Charles D. Jones.

Sources from the city of Santa Paula and the Santa Paula Unified School District…

Santa Paula High School Group Photo, 1908-1909
Group photo taken of a large group of students sitting at their desks inside a classroom at Santa Paula High School. Students are facing the viewer. Most of the male students wear jackets and ties. Some teachers can be seen at the back of the class.

Rehearsal for "A Chorus Line", Buena High School
Buena High School rehearsal of "A Chorus Line" with drama teacher Greg Lee directing. Lee stands in front of a line of students on a stage and appears to be giving direction read from a small piece of paper he holds in one hand. Some students wear…

Original Timber School in Conejo Valley
Groups of children stand outside of the original Timber School building, built in 1889. The school has a bell tower, a front stoop beneath it. One group of children sit in a horse-drawn wagon with a child sitting on the horse.

Ocean View School Group Photo
Group photo of children and teachers (?) in front of Ocean View School, located at Olds and Hueneme Roads. Girls are dressed in long dresses and boys are wearing suits and hats.

May Henning School Students and Teachers
Sepia toned panoramic group photo of the students and staff of the May Henning School, built in 1928. Students and teachers sit and stand in front of the school, school building visible behind them. Photograph appears to have been folded at some…

May Henning Grammar School Class Picture
Group photo of a grammar school class at the May Henning Grammar School with teacher, May Henning.

Max Riave and Kristen Witherspoon
Snapshot of Max Riave holding a small American flag while interacting with Kristen Witherspoon, a third grader at Pleasant Valley School on Flag Day. Max is an older man wearing black rimmed glasses, a light colored suit and striped tie. Kristen has…

Kennard's Business College Graduating Class, 1893
Group portrait of Kennard's Business College Graduating Class of 1893. The back row is composed of two young women, one older man and a young man (all standing); the front row shows two young men and two young women all seated. Four of the young…

Japanese Club of Oxnard Union High School, 1941
This image is a group photo of the members of the 1941 Japanese Club of Oxnard Union High School as it appears on page 41 of the Cardinal and Gold Yearbook.
Fourth row (l-r): Helen Sakada, Simi Yanaginuma, Midori Otsuki, Yoshiko Inouye, Fukiko…

High School, Ventura, Cal. postcard
One of Ventura's early high school buildings is depicted. Three-quarter view of the three-story structure. There are two-story high arched entries on both visible sides with covered porches over them at the third level. Two chimneys are visible.…

Group Photo, Buena High School Honors Awards Ceremony
Group photo of Jimmy Lefkowitz, center, with two unidentified female students in front of a Buena High School Bulldogs marquee
at an Honors Awards Ceremony. The group share big smiles with the viewer. Marquee reads "Academic Awards Night" at the…

Gila River Internees, 1944
This image shows young male and female internees preparing to depart from the Gila River Relocation Center in Arizona to work or to study in the Eastern part of the U.S.

ESL Class at the Gila River Relocation Center
This image shows an interior group portrait of adult learners attending an ESL (English as a second language) class at the Gila River Relocation Center.

Edith Barnes graduation photo
Edith Barnes, Ventura High School graduation full portrait.

Del Norte Grammar School, 1913
Del Norte Grammar School school body group photo. Kids are standing on the steps in front of the school. Agnes Cooney was the teacher. Library records contain this quote from an unknown person: "I graduated from this school in 1915. It has long since…

Del Norte Grammar School Students, 1907
Mounted school photo of the student body of Del Norte Grammar School. School located at Santa Clara Avenue near Saticoy Road. Kids are standing in front of the school. There were 8 grades in one schoolhouse. Miss Folk was the teacher.
Seated (left…
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