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West from Post Office Tower, Ojai, Cal. postcard
Bird's eye view looking west on Ojai Avenue from the post office tower. View of Ojai Avenue with cars parked on both sides, Libbey Park and arcade partially visible on left and right of image. Bottom of postcard captioned "Post Office Tower, Ojai,…

Post Office, Ojai, Cal. postcard
View of Ojai post office on the right side of the image, showing Ojai Avenue on left and center of image. Arcade and Libbey Park on either side of postcard partially visible. Many cars are parked on Ojai Avenue.

Arcade, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
Street view of arcade along Ojai Avenue in Ojai. Road appears to be dirt and cars and horse drawn wagons visible in the road. Caption reads "Arcade Ojai Av. Nordhoff Calif."
[AZO (Photographed by R.F. Bachelor, Nordhoff, Cal.)]

Arcade, Ojai Avenue, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
Street view of arcade along Ojai Avenue in Ojai. Road appears to be dirt and cars and horse drawn wagons visible in the road. Two people stand under arcade arches, looking at the viewer. Caption reads "Arcade Ojai Av. Nordhoff Calif."

Main Street, Ventura postcard
A view looking east on Main Street. The street is lined with commercial brick buildings, some of which have canvas awnings. People are visible on the sidewalk as well as seated in their horse-drawn buggies. A bicycle is propped up against a curb. …

Catholic Church, Oxnard postcard
Three quarter view of the Catholic Church of Oxnard.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (Logo: Panama, California Exposition, San Diego, 1915; Slogan: "On the Road of a Thousand Wonders"), 3093 & 16525]

Main Street, Ventura, 1900
View of Main Street in Ventura looking east from Figueroa St. San Buenaventura Mission on the left and Peirano's Market to the right.

Dual image of Main Street and Hotel De Leon.

Street scene with Grant Lull & Co., image of downtown Cambria prior to a fire that burned most of the downtown.

Main Street, Ventura, 1877
View of Main Street in downtown Ventura in 1877. Shot is straight down the dirt and businesses are lined up on the outer edges of image. Several people are in front of businesses and men on horseback as well as horse drawn wagons are in the street.…

Main Street 4th of July parade.

Main Street Ventura Looking East, 1890
Street view of Main Street in Ventura looking east down the center of the dirt street with businesses on the right and left visible. San Buenaventura Mission property is first on the left and next to it is the Anacapa Hotel, where a timber yard was…

Wineman Clothing Store
Exterior view of the front of The Wineman Clothing Store with three men in front, identified as (l-r): Simon Wineman (the oldest Wineman brother), Frank Daly, J.R. Eastin. A sign reading "Chicago Clothing" hangs along the top of the store. According…

Ventura Mission and Photography Studio
Exterior view of the San Buenaventura Mission showing the photography studio next door to it in what appears to be an adjoining building east of the mission. There are people in front of the photography studio, which has steps leading down to the…

Clown on Santa Clara Street in Ventura
A clown in a striped and starred costume with a ruffled neck stands in front of his mule, who is also dressed festively. They stand on Santa Clara Street in Ventura with Plaza School in the background on the right of the image. Photo is from the…

Main Street, Santa Paula, California postcard
Street view of Main Street in Santa Paula, Calif. Cars are parked diagonally along both sides of the street. Several other cars drive down the street, both towards and away from the viewer. A variety of businesses appear in the image, including…

Rainy Day in Fillmore
View of Central Avenue in Fillmore on a rainy day. Taken from the sidewalk. Rows of early automobiles are parked diagonally by the sidewalk. Group of men are visible standing under a storefront's awning. Edge of an awning visible in the upper left of…

Main Street, Ventura, 1900
View of busy Main Street, Ventura, looking west from intersection of Main and California Streets. Horse and wagons line the street and people are walking around. Everything is adorned with US flags and bunting, possibly for Independence Day.

Mission San Buenaventura undated postcard
Street view of Mission San Buenaventura. Foreground shows three flagpoles as well as the courtyard, fountain, and the surrounding buildings in front of the Mission. The Mission stands tall in the background of the image.

Verso: Describes the…

Ventura County Historical Museum, 1984
Exterior view of the Ventura County Historical Museum, currently called the Museum of Ventura County (2021). View is from the south, in the foreground is Santa Clara Street. Clocktower Inn and San Buenaventura Mission are visible. Photo is mounted.

View of Ann Street Residences
Street view of residences on Ann Street north of Poli Street. Street has slight incline going upwards from bottom right to left of view. Residences in a variety of styles, mostly wooden.

Eucalyptus Grove in Oxnard
Street View of a eucalyptus tree line in Oxnard. Signs advertising fresh produce are in the dirt under the trees. The road can be seen in the foreground stretching into the distance from bottom right of the image to the middle left. Cars can be seen…

View of a French Home, c1917
Exterior view of a home in an unidentified French city. View taken from the street. Building appears to be two stories with a shopfront at the ground level. People are walking along the street.

Caption: "A typical home in a French city. Just a…

Court House, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Caption: "Court House. VENTURA, Cal."
Sidewalk view of the Ventura County Courthouse face. A Beaux-Arts style two story building with Neoclassical features, such as the Doric columns framing each section of windows.
Verso script: Addressed to…
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