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Main Street Scene, Ventura
Street scene showing the 500 block of Main Street in Ventura. Cars parked along sidewalk in foreground, partially obscuring street. Opposite storefronts visible including McCauley's Cafe and Montgomery Ward (at 529 and 535 E. Main Street…

Interior View, Peacock's Candy Store, Oxnard postcard
Interior view of a candy shop. On the left is a glass display case of sweets with vases of flowers on top of the case. On the right there is a wooden counter with stools. Towards the back there is another room with tables and chairs.
[Curt Teich &…

A. Ruiz Liquor Store
Mounted group photograph of "Uncle Arturo's Liquor store" with many people standing along the sidewalk in front of the liquor store that reads "A. Ruiz" on a sign above the door. "Uncle Tomas" drives a horse drawn buggy parked in front of the store.…

5th and A Street Intersection Looking North toward B Street, Oxnard
Image taken from the sidewalk intersection on 5th and A streets at left, looking north towards B Street. Various businesses line both sides of the street, Colonia Realty Company visible on the right corner. Billboard advertisements for "Drink…

C.O. Morrill
Portrait of C.O Morrill inside of his family's store: F.E. Morrill & Son in Montalvo, Ca. He is seen standing behind the counter with one arm learning on the glass counter tip. Housewares including dishes, glasses and pitchers are stacked on shelved…

South Side of Main Street
Street view of the south side Main Street from California St. to Chestnut St. A drug store is on the corner with a large Coca-Cola advertisement. Next to that is a taller building with what appears to be a clocktower. Other buildings can be seen as…

Interior of a specialty store with two men holding ukuleles.

Couple with horse drawn cart on Main Street, bicycles, people, and Emporium in background.

Interior of Hobson Brothers Meat Packing Company
Interior picture of Hobson Bros. Meatpacking Company. Butchered meat is visible on the left hand side. An unidentified woman stands against the right wall, looking at the camera. Two other unidentified people sit behind a counter at the back of the…

Lee Phillip's Grocery Store & Post Office
Portrait of an unidentified man standing on the porch of a small wooden building with a sign that reads "Sespe-Post-Office". There is an advertisement for "Shaw's Soda Water" under the Post Office sign. The man appears to be in some sort of uniform.

Tomio and Utako Yeto in the Yeto Market, Saticoy
Interior view of the Yeto Market in Saticoy. A man (Tomio Yeto) and a woman (Utako Yeto) stand inside the store among shelves and racks of groceries. A banner displaying prices hangs across the store. Some words on banner in Spanish. Tomio stands…

Main Street, Santa Paula Looking East postcard
Street View, looking east on Main Street, Santa Paula, Calif. Automobiles visible driving and parked in angled rows along the storefronts. Many businesses are visible on both sides of the street, including the Limoneira Building, Wineman Co.,…

Great Eastern Store
Interior view of Great Eastern Store showing two men and two women standing in the store. There are several glass display cases in the store and shelves line the walls. Store was located at the corner of Oak and Main Streets in Ventura, CA.

Lyman Harness Shop
Front exterior view of Lyman Harness Shop, with three men standing in or near doorway. Shop was located on Main Street in Ventura, CA, between Palm and Oak Streets.


F. W. Baker Hardware Store
Interior view of F. W. Baker Hardware Store. Two men, F. W. Baker at left and J. H. Morrison at right, are standing in the middle of the image, between two glass countertops. Baker is wearing a dark suit. Morrison is wearing an apron over a long…

Front of Point Mugu Store After 1939 Storm
View of a heavily damaged clapboard sided wooden building after a storm in 1939. The word "Store," in capital letters, is on a sign over the front entrance. One end of the building appears to be collapsing and many of the windows are broken. Frank…

Faustino Lopez's Grocery Store Interior, Santa Paula
Interior view of Faustino Lopez's Mexican Grocery Store in Santa Paula. Customer, Quejada leaning against counter. Shop owner, Faustino Lopez and his sons, Celso and Jose behind counter. Shelves of goods visible behind counter.

Note: Museum…

John Taft Electric Storefront
Street view of Main Street and Seaward Avenue showing John Taft Electric. Signs for GE Appliances and Westinghouse Appliances above windows. Store sign and GE billboard above roof. Large appliances such as washing machines visible through windows.…

Watson's Furniture Storefront
Exterior view of Watson's Furniture at 138 E. Main Street, next to National Market. Lamps, chairs, and other furniture visible through store windows. Painted above door is a maple leaf with words reading "Maple and Birch."

Bolyard & Son Studebaker/Jeep Agency
Street scene of Main Street and Seaward Avenue showing the Bolyard & Son Studebaker and Jeep Agency. Row of cars parked on street outside of agency. Other businesses in background.

Cal Worthington Dodge Agency
Exterior view of Cal Worthington Dodge Agency at corner of Main Street and Ventura Avenue. Shows storefront and drive-in entrance.

Bob Stuarts Ventura Toys Storefront
Nighttime exterior view of Bob Stuarts Ventura Toys store located in the 200 block of E. Main Street. Products visible through windows. Store signage is illuminated. Parking meters along sidewalk.

Ventura Pastry Shop Storefront
Exterior view of the Ventura Pastry Shop at 1754 E. Main Street. Later location of Kingston Floral Shop. Shows windows of storefront with sign reading "Bakery." Two-door sedan is parked on street in front.

Downtown Oxnard Street View Postcard
Street view of downtown Oxnard on a clear, sunny day with cars parked along both sides of the street and business signs visible: ". Penney Co." (perhaps J.C. Penney Co.), "Henney's," "Kit's," "Shoe," "Dieners," and "Real Estate." The street sign says…
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