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Train on railroad tracks.

Train in neighborhood.

American Beet Sugar Factory in Oxnard, California.

Southern Pacific Railroad Depot at Goleta
Black and white photograph of the Goleta Depot of the Southern Pacific Railroad. The depot features prominently in the image, one man can be seen standing to the side of the building. Museum records indicate that this depot originally stood east of…

Southern Pacific Railroad Surveying Camp on Rincon
Group photo of a surveying camp on a Southern Pacific Railroad site. Approximately 20 men and several draft horses or mules are lined up next to a row of white tents. Behind the tents are large hills. Many of the men have some sort of a scope on a…

Railroad bridge with people beneath it.

Railroad Shelter for Passengers
"Waiting room" for railroad passengers in Simi. Close-up view of shelter for railroad passengers sits in an empty field next to track, "Simi" sign on top of shelter.

American Beet Sugar Works, Oxnard, California

Waiting for President  Theodore Roosevelt at Ventura Railroad Depot
Groups of men wait for the arrival of President Theodore Roosevelt at the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot in Ventura. The depot looks adorned for the occasion with US flags, stars, and flowers. Sign on the depot reads "San Buenaventura." Tracks are…

Nordhoff Taxi at Turn of the Century
Nordhoff taxi at turn of century--a horse drawn carriage or cart with room for passengers and light cargo. There are two men and one woman in the tax. Boyd Henry is seated and Tom Clark is standing. The woman is unidentified. There is a building with…

Southern Pacific Depot, Santa Paula
A large crowd is gathered outside of the Southern Pacific Railroad depot. They gather on the platform and also near the tracks. A bus, bicycle, and baby carriage re visible.
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