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Group Photo in a Mass of Pumpkins
An unidentified group poses in a mass of pumpkins. Three women sit on pumpkins and each holds one pumpkin aloft in one hand. A man stands with a pipe in his mouth.

Johanna Overby Picking Pumpkins
Johanna Overby in foreground of image, picks a large pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. In the background is the Benjamin Dudley home on Telegraph Road in Ventura.

Pile of Pumpkins
Mounted photograph of a pile of large pumpkins stacked in a wooded area. Engraved on one of the pumpkins is "RATS", and on another is "We are pumpkins F.F. Gaylord Chicago."


Pumpkins at Limoneira Ranch
Outdoor photograph of an extensive pumpkin patch at Limoneira Ranch, with a Victorian home and two red barns in the background.

Written on the back of the photo:
"This pleasing photograph captured by me, Dean Hobbs Blanchard, Ca. 1984, at theā€¦


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