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Ventura Police Boys' Club Marching Unit
Group photo of the Ventura Police Boys' Club Marching Unit standing at present arms. The unit is preparing to march in the the 1948 Ventura County Fair Parade. A uniformed police officer stands with the unit at right of image. At center left of the…

Fillmore Fire Department and Chief of Police Group Photo
Group photo of Fillmore Fire Department fire fighters in and around a firetruck. One little boy sits on the firetruck as well. Chief of Police Earl Hume is on a motorcycle parked next to the firetruck. All face the viewer. According to library…

Lions Club Members Before National Lions Meet, 1929
Lions Club members gather in front of the Ventura County Courthouse before departing to the National Lions Meet in Kentucky in 1929. A large group of men gather on top and next to a truck with a big Lemon on it. The truck has a sign that reads "Coast…

Police Officer Seated on Motorcycle, sepia
A police officer seated on a motorcycle. Writing in corner reads, "To my pal Bernie with best wishes for the New Year and a Merry Christmas. Rex."
Two copies available, one sepia and one black and white.

Highway Patrolmen with Three Women
Group photo of 7 highway patrol men standing with 3 young women seated in front. Library sources provide identities for some of the individuals pictured.
From right to left: Jack Miller, (unknown), Bernie Isensee, Bob Parr.

Four uniformed police officers
Four uniformed police officers standing by the Ventura Courthouse.

Local Highway Patrol, 1929
Group photo of men and one woman in uniform on front steps of a building.

Back row (L to R): J. J. Parr; W. E. French; H. W. McCoy; Joe Nobel; C. A. Lunnen

Front row (L to R): Capt. S. M. Flynn; Dorris Smith, Queen of cops; J. M. Miller; Insp.…

Group Portrait with Contraband Outside of County Courthouse
Thirteen men kneel down in front of drums, in front of the Ventura County Courthouse. At least one appears to be in a uniform. Museum records indicate that this was the largest haul of contraband on the Pacific coast. 65 drums of 196 proof alcohol…
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