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Senior Canyon Mutual Water Co. Inc. Sheet 1 of 8
Blue line map of Senior Canyon Mutual Water Company right of way for pipeline, Ojai, Calif. Shows Dry or East Fork Senior Canyon, Spring Fork and Dry Fork, and a tunnel. Shows center of Section 21. T5N R22W. Sheet 1 of 8.

Matilija Springs, Ventura Co., Cal. postcard
View of water flowing around rocks in Matilija Creek. Two women are sitting on the rocks and a man is standing on a rock in the middle of the stream. Two pipes are carried on supports along one side of the creek.

Caption: Matilija Springs, Ventura…

Pit Down and Casing of Water Well
Close up view of water well. Caption reads "Zone Mutual Water Co. Well No. 8 26" pit down 198' 16" casing to 828'."

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Lath House at Nusbickel-Warren Nursery
Inside view of lattice covered plant nursery showing some irrigation piping. Caption reads "Lath House at Nusbickle-Warren Nursery Tr. 89."

Water Well at Simi
Water well tower with water discharge from pipe along wooden sluice with spillway in the foreground. Caption reads "Water well at Simi and spillway."

Water Well at Somis
Water well tower with men watching the water discharge from pipe. Caption reads "Water well at Somis with five unidentified men in the background."

Water Well at Somis
Water well pumping station with man working on it, and water discharging from pipe with another man walking between in background. Caption reads "Water well at Somis view of spillway pipe."

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Discharging Water Well
Water discharging rapidly from pipe from water well. Caption reads "Discharging water well #4 with four unidentified men in the background."

Adrian G. Wood
Full portrait of Adrian G. Wood (Buddy Wood) outdoors. He has a pipe in his mouth and wears a bucket hat and bib overalls. He appears to be ready do put on a jacket, and he also has what appears to be a freshly caught fish in one hand. A car is in…

Pipe Outlet to Ocean
View of the ocean with a pipe outlet to the ocean. A long black pipe curves up to the left of the frame with water exiting from the pipe into the ocean. A surfer holding a surfboard stands knee-deep in the waves.

Preparations for laying underground concrete pipe, probably after 1909.
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