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Moving a house.

Native Daughters Palms Postcard
A small park surrounded by a stone fence. A small building sits in the middle. The focus of the image are two huge palm trees, known as the Native Daughters Palms. The tree on the right has an illegible plaque attached to it, and a note in the top…

Newell Zapf Standing on Automobile
Shows Newell Zapf as a young child standing on the step of an early automobile parked on Meta Street. He has one arm hooked through the open side of the car to hold onto the door. He is wearing a large straw hat and is barefoot. Palm trees in…

Outdoor Photo of California Mission
Exterior view of an unidentified California mission from a side angle. Dirt floor in front of the mission. Many of the archways around the the veranda and portions of the roof are visible. There are four palm trees along the building. In the right…

Oxnard City Hall Postcard
Oxnard City Hall with the straight path leading up to it through a lawn and garden in the foreground. The water tower is in the background. A person walks on the path. There are palm trees in the distance and shadows of palm trees cast on the city…

Oxnard Hotel postcard
View of the Oxnard Hotel, a large building with a tower on top. A park is visible in the foreground. The sky is colored blue while the rest of the image is black and white. Caption at bottom reads: "Oxnard Hotel, Oxnard, Cal."
[Auburn Post Card Mfg.…

Oxnard Masonic Temple
Image of Oxnard Masonic Temple on 5th and C Streets taken from Plaza Park. Palm trees, grassy area, and park benches visible in the foreground with building in the background.

Oxnard Masonic Temple Entrance
Oxnard Masonic Temple on 5th and C Streets taken from Plaza Park. Entrance visible with signs for "Theatre", "Victory", "Wed Thurs Ralph Lewis", and "The Third Alarm." Palm trees and park bench at Plaza Park visible in the foreground with building…

Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
This image shows a daylight exterior photo of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory. Garden in foreground.

Sugar beet factory
"Anniversary" Sugar Factory. Panoramic view showing exterior of the Oxnard factory in background to the left, gardens next to factory on right of photograph

Palm Tree at Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
Glossy photo of palm tree surrounded by dirt road. Power lines and railroad cars in background.
Note: Museum records include text "Palm at Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory grounds."


Palm Tree in Front of E.W. Daily Home
Exterior view of the E.W. Daily home. There is a large palm tree planted in front of the home, partially obscuring the house. The fencing to to outside of the home is also visible. View taken from the street outside of the house. The house has a dome…

Palm Trees and Foothills, by J. C. Brewster.

Palm Trees on Blanchard's Ranch Postcard
A dirt road lined with squat but very leafy palm trees. On the left edge of the road is a man squatting to hold a toddler in white towards the camera. Six men in black suits and hats stand next to each other, spanning the road, with a woman in a hat…

Parade along C Street, Men on Horseback
Four men on horseback smiling at the camera as they pass. No discernible logo or information of what organization they represent. Image taken in front of residential homes. Float for the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce parked near the sidewalk with young…

Plaza School postcard
An image showing two sides of Plaza School. It is a three-story wood structure with covered porches on the front side at the first and second levels. There is a tower section on one corner of the building. A handrail surrounding a roofwalk is visible…

Plaza School, Ventura
A view of the Plaza School's Santa Clara Street facade. The school was located at Santa Clara and Fir Streets. It is a large wood frame structure with a tower on the southeast corner. There is an arched entry to a covered porch at the top of several…

Plaza - Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Caption: "Plaza. Ventura, Cal."
Landscape view of a city park. A wide paved walkway is in the center, leading to a residential area of the city. Manicured lawns and several trees line each side.
[MacGregor Bros.,Ventura, Cal. (Albertype…

Public Library, Ventura, Calif. Post Card
Landscape image of the Ventura Public Library, a stately brick and stone building with abundant windows. It is decorated with sparse Neoclassical features, with Doric columns framing the dual stairwell…

Residence in Ventura in Winter postcard
View of a Victorian residence in Ventura. There are trees and a garden surrounding the residence with a fence in the foreground. Caption at bottom reads: "Residence in Ventura, Cal. in Winter."
[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany,…

Residential street.

Ruth and Perky in a Desert Landscape
Image of Ruth and Perky standing at the top of a small slope in a desert landscape. Behind them are three palm trees. The slope they're standing on is a part of a dirt path. On both sides of the dirt path are densely packed shrubs forming a thicket.

Ruth and Perky in a Desert Landscape
Image of Ruth and her dog, Perky standing on a dirt path. Directly behind them is a thicket of desert shrubs, in the background palm trees can be seen in clear view. Ruth stares off into the left side of the image while perky stands by her side on a…

Ruth Ventura Zapf and Donald Zapf
Shows Ruth Ventura Zapf and her younger brother Donald standing on a sidewalk. Ruth is holding Donald up by his arms. Donald appears to be toddler-aged. A baby stroller is visible to the left of the image. Palm trees in background.

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Postcard
Image of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church with the words "'The Open Door' Saint Paul's Episcopal Church (Incorporated 1889) Santa Clara and Oak Ventura, California." The photograph is a street view from the intersection of Santa Clara and Oak, giving a…
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