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Brewster Family Portrait on Lawn
Group portrait of (l-r): Pansy August Brewster, unidentified young man, Mary O'beria Sinclair Brewster, John Calvin Brewster and dog. All, except the dog, are looking at the viewer and smiling. The women are wearing long sleeved blouses and long…

Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital Street View postcard
Street view of Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital, captioned "Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital. Ventura, Cal." The street is on a steep incline, and there are palm trees and a stone wall along the sidewalk. Hedges, trees, and a lawn are…

Haydock Grammar School, Oxnard
Exterior view of Haydock Grammar School in Oxnard. Image taken from sidewalk to the left of the entrance. Lawn, trees, and shrubbery in front of the building. The windows on the left side of the building are open while on the right windows are…

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Irene and Eva Sanchez as Children
Irene Sanchez, standing, holds a ball that Eva Sanchez, sitting, is reaching out for. Irene seems to be about 5 and Eva about 2. They are outdoors in a fenced yard. There is a railroad stop sign behind them and a train and houses in the background.…

Lawn at Seaside Park
Expanse of lawn at Seaside Park, Ventura. Lawn on the left of photo, palm trees line the lawn on the right, and in the background behind the palm trees are barns.

Lloyd-Butler House (Sanchez Adobe)
Front view, taken from the right of center front, of Lloyd-Butler house (Sanchez Adobe) at 2317 Los Angeles Ave., Oxnard.

Ojai Valley Inn, Ojai, California Famous Resort & Golf Course postcard
Exterior view of Ojai Valley Inn from across lawn. America flag on flagpole next to building.

[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 1047 Havenhurst, Hollywood 46, Calif., H181 & 8373]

Public Library, Ventura, Calif. Post Card
Landscape image of the Ventura Public Library, a stately brick and stone building with abundant windows. It is decorated with sparse Neoclassical features, with Doric columns framing the dual stairwell…

Public Library, Ventura, California, "Foster Library" postcard
Exterior view of the Foster Library in Ventura, a three story brick building with what appear to be two entrances--one on the ground floor, and one on the second floor that has steps leading up to it on both sides of the building. It shows a vast…

Section of The Plaza, Ventura, Cal. postcard
Lawn view of Plaza Park. A gazebo sits to the left of the foreground, built in a Craftsman bungalow style with ornate architectural details. On the street just behind it is are houses and the Congregational Church's pointed steeple. The park is…

Ventura County Court House, Ventura postcard
Painting of the exterior view of the Ventura County Court House building. There is an ample street leading up to the building with lawns on either side of the street. An automobile is visible in the foreground, another in the distance, near the…

W.W. Blanchard Residence postcard
View of the W. W. Blanchard home taken from the driveway. Shows the length of the curved driveway and lawn with a coniferous tree that partially obscures the view of the home. The building is two-stories tall, with a staircase leading to a porch and…
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