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Boiler Room, Oxnard Sugar Factory postcard
View of the boiler room at the Oxnard Sugar Factory. Caption bottom left of postcard reads: "Boiler Room, Oxnard Sugar Factory, Cal."
[Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles, made in Germany]

Evaporator, American Beet Sugar Company postcard
Interior view of the American Beet Sugar Company labeled "Evaporator", a large room with a walkway or platform and stairs between large pieces of equipment.
[Virden, Ben S., Oxnard, Cal.]

Limoneira Ranch, Washing Lemons postcard
Six employees at Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula wash lemons in a warehouse building. Crates of lemons and a bin and machinery for washing lemons are visible.
[Woodís Inc., published for Edwin Virden, Santa Paula, Cal., 140]
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