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Arcade, Ojai Avenue postcard
The arcade is a long, white, structure with tall arches all the way down its length. Between the arches you can see wooden doors and windows that make up the shops of the arcade. A couple of horse-drawn buggies are parked along the stoop of the…

County Hospital postcard
View of the County Hospital, a large building with a balcony over the porch. People are standing on the balcony. There is a garden next to the building. Caption at bottom: "County Hospital, Ventura, Cal."
[Mitchell, Edward H., San Francisco, Cal.,…

Bard Hospital, 1900
View of Elizabeth Bard Hospital from Poli Street, with a horse and carriage stopped on Poli St., 1899 or 1900.

FullTransportationPanelLarissa StraussTimelineMVC.jpg
Image of mosaic commissioned by Museum Docent Council. Artistic representation of the development of transportation in Ventura County.

Orchards with horse drawn buggy and sheds in the distance.
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