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County Fair Grounds at Seaside Park, Ventura, Calif. postcard
Far view of County Fair Grounds at Seaside Park in Ventura. Appears to be a view from the grass in the middle of the horse track. The grandstand with spectators is in view on the right and a few horses are visible on the left. Grass in foreground,…

Street Scene, Ventura, 1908 post card
A street scene showing Main Street in Ventura, with bank on one corner and city hall in opposite corner at California Street.
[Rieder, M., Publ., Los Angeles. Made in Germany, 8119]

Beach Scene, Ventura, Cal. 1908
Beach Scene, Ventura, Cal. 1908. Wharf is in the background, lots of men, women and children are on the beach, as well as horse and carriages.
[Woods, Inc., L.A. Made in Germany. Published for Ventura Drug Co., Ventura, Cal., 164]

Woman and girl in a parade-decorated horse drawn cart.

A man with a horse and cart on the beach in front of the ocean and pier.

Cephas L. Bard and his horse.

House being moved by R. E. Brakey & Son, Contractors.

Man in uniform on horse.

Steep, narrow canyon with man on horseback.

Man on horse with hilly rural landscape backdrop.

Dr. Cephus Bard on his horse.

Horse and rider at fairgrounds, 1940
Saddled horse and rider at the Ventura County Fair, Seaside Park. Rider holding reins up and smoking cigarette.

Clarence Chrisman in carriage in front of house.
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