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Del Campo Home on Meta Street
Mr. Flavio Del Campo in front of Del Campo home on Meta Street, Ventura standing with a child and baby in a stroller. Verso of photo reads:

"Flavio grandpa Del Campo
Home on Meta Street-Ventura
(Probably Virginia and Buster Lomax)"

Home of Katherine Hoffman Haley
View of the road approaching Katherine Hoffman Haley's home on Rancho Mi Solar. A white brick house can be seen in the background. The image shows a long driveway with a mound of dirt to the right and plants to the left.

W.W. Blanchard Residence postcard
View of the W. W. Blanchard home taken from the driveway. Shows the length of the curved driveway and lawn with a coniferous tree that partially obscures the view of the home. The building is two-stories tall, with a staircase leading to a porch and…

C.C. Teague Residence postcard
View of the C. C. Teague home taken from an elevated distance. The home is three stories with a balcony visible on the second story, facing the camera. The home appears to be Tudor style architecture, with prominent half timbering and brick visible…

Architectural Drawing of a Foundation Plan for Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jones, Santa Paula
Drawing of architectural plans for a residence and garage belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jones of Santa Paula. Drawing is of foundation plan of home and area of garage leading to driveway.

Worker Residence FSA Camp, El Rio
Interior view of a worker residence at the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio. Woman wearing apron and checkered dress stands by stove with back to viewer. A young girl is seated nearby at a table, and is turned away from the viewer.…

Thille Home on Telegraph Road
View of an Italianate style home from the front. The entirety of the front of the house is visible. One tree is can be seen to the right of the image which covers up a room on the second story of the home from this angle. The widow's walk is topped…

Thille Home on Telegraph Road
View of a large Italianate style home from the front. Trees surround the building. There is tree brush hanging down in front of the camera somewhat obscuring the roof of the home. Another tree a portion of the right side of the house. In the widow's…

Group Photo in Front of Home
Two women and two men, standing in front of a house, possibly J. Maulhardt's house. The people are dressed in early 1900's attire. The house itself seems to be built in the Craftsmen style architecture evident by the square pillars and details under…

E.W. Daily Family Home
Exterior view of the E. W. Daily house from the front. The cone shaped roof and front fence are visible. The pillars of the veranda are square. Architecture appears to be a mix of Victorian and Craftsman styles. The entrance is somewhat covered by a…

Two Women Outside of Home
Picture of two women, likely Mrs. E. W. Daily and her mother Mrs. Crowley, standing in front of a house. The women appear to be conversing with one another. The woman on the left is wearing a fur coat. The woman on the right is wearing a dress coat.…

Daily Family Photo Outside of Michigan Home
Daily family outside a home in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Four adults standing with a child kneeling in front. The boy, identified as Kenneth, is holding a small dog. The wooden walls and stone foundation of house are on the right of the image, wooden…

Group Photo in Front of Michigan Home
Group photo of the Crowley and Daily families. House and tree in the background. Grouping in front are left to right: Will Crowley, Mrs. Daily, Mrs. Burdick, and Mrs. Crowley (The mother of Mrs. Daily).

Library records include caption reading,…

Palm Tree in Front of E.W. Daily Home
Exterior view of the E.W. Daily home. There is a large palm tree planted in front of the home, partially obscuring the house. The fencing to to outside of the home is also visible. View taken from the street outside of the house. The house has a dome…

E. W. Daily Home
Exterior view of the E. W. Daily home. Two women and two men stand on and outside the porch area. The women are standing on the steps of the home while the men stand in the lawn in front of a hedge. The porch, entrance, columns and a portion of the…

W.P. Daily's First Camarillo Home
Exterior view of W.P. Daily's first home in Camarillo. The picture was taken from dirt field leading up to the house. Shows front and side of the house. The porch, columns, and multiple windows are visible. In front front of the house, on the right…

Two Couples Sitting on Porch
Picture of two couples sitting on the stairs of the E. W. Daily house. Two men are sitting on the outside of the group on the left and right sides. The men are wearing formal clothing with the man on the right wearing a full suit and the man on the…

C. J. Daily's Home in Camarillo
Exterior view of C. J. Daily home in Camarillo. Taken from the curved driveway that leads up to the home. The house is possibly craftsmen style architecture, having details such as square columns and visible brackets under the eaves. The home is…

Corner Home in California
Exterior view of a two story house on a corner lot. View taken from street outside of house. House has a brick trim around porch. Neighboring house visible on left. In the background to the right of the image is a smaller structure, possibly a garage…

Two Women Sitting on Porch
Exterior view of a house. Two women sitting on wall border. Identity of women and house unknown.

Note: Museum records indicate that house is likely the W. P. Daily home from rear view.

E.W. Daily Home in Los Angeles
Photo of E.W. Daily home with automobile parked in paved driveway.

Note: Museum records include text "145 Kingsley Drive, LA."

E.W. Daily Home in Camarillo
Faded brown toned photo of E.W. Daily home taken from a distance. Photo depicts trees and fencing around home.

Daily Family in Front of Their Camarillo Home
Photo of E.W. Daily home. Daily family members in foreground. Two women, three men, and a dog.

Note: Museum records include text "The Old Homestead."

Woman Outside Home in Snow
Matte photo of woman standing on walkway in snow in front of house. Number of house is 1127.

Museum records include text, "Did you say it was cold?" and, "Mrs. Warden - Oregon."

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Arrival at E.W. Daily Home
Glossy photo of two girls on porch of home. Woman walking down sidewalk toward man arriving per automobile. Automobile visible. Home is the E.W. Daily home at 145 Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA.
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