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A Shady Nook, Sulphur Mt. Springs Near Santa Paula postcard
Color view overlooking Sulphur Mountain Springs and health resort situated on the riverbank. Resort is made up of several wooden buildings, with patio area supported by stilts, and a walkway down to the water. View taken from a trail, with trees…

On Road To Tent City, Ventura, Co., Cal., Matilija Hot Springs postcard
View of a dirt road lined with trees and rocks. Road is heavily shaded by the trees.

Caption: On Road to Tent City, Ventura Co., Cal, Matilija Hot Springs

[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno Co., Calif., 4091]

Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A bird's-eye view of Wheeler's Hot Springs resort showing several buildings, a pool, tennis courts and water flowing in Matilija Creek.

Caption: Wheelers Hot Springs Lamson Photo

[NOKO, Lamson Photo]
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