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Portrait of a group of teenagers in costume.

Group portrait in front of Wheeler's Hotel
Wheeler's Hotel with a large group of people standing on the porch. Verso of photo states: "probably Wheeler Hot Springs Ventura Co."

Ventura Pier Scene
Scene shows groups of men, women and children walking or standing on the Ventura Pier.

Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Encampment
Group photo of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Encampment held in a plaza in Ventura. Men and women are standing in a large group. A young boy is in the bottom-center of the image facing the viewer with his hands on his hips. There appear to be…

Fourth Annual Older Girls Conference of Southern California
Group photograph of young women holding signs taken outside the bath house at foot of Calif. St for the occasion of the Fourth Annual Older Girls Conference of Southern California. The conference dates were April 29-20th, 1939.
Museum records…

Masonic Temple Ground Breaking
Group photo of residents standing on land going to be used to build the Masonic Temple on Santa Clara and California Streets in Ventura. Photo is made up of two photos.

Dedication of Montalvo Bridge
Ceremony for the dedication of the Montalvo Bridge across the Santa Clara River. Crowds of people and what appear to be horses and carriages are gathered around.

Chautauqua Building Ventura Beach
Exterior view of Chautauqua building at Ventura Beach. A group of people and several automobiles can be seen in front of the building. This is the front west of Pierpont Bay.

Leading Venturans Wearing Flu Masks
Group photo of 15 prominent men and 1 boy standing in front of a building wearing flu masks over their faces during the flu epidemic of 1918. One man has his mask down and has a pipe in his mouth.

Persons are not specifically identified, but some…
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