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Ventura Auto Club, 1903
Ventura Auto Club in 1903, showing a group of four cars with drivers and passengers lined up in a row on a tree lined dirt road. Typed on front of card "all the cars in Ventura in 1903 excepting one owned by Will (?) and Frank Barnard. First a Ford…

Ventura County Officials and Deputies, 1888
Group photo of Ventura County officials and deputies standing outside of a building. They are numbered 1-14 and identified as follows:

1. J. M. Owens
2. A. W. Browne
3. Henry Clay
4. A. J. Bell
5. N. Rodriguez
6. C. H. Bradley
7. Ben…

Pioneers of 1875 Meeting, Group Photo
Six women, unidentified, pose for a group portrait at a Pioneers of 1875 meeting in 1934. They appear to be outdoors, perhaps on a porch.

Old Hueneme Lighthouse Group Photo
A very large group of men, women, and children pose for a picture outside of the old Hueneme Lighthouse. People pack the front porch and steps, as well as the balcony. Some men are on the porch roof. Lightkeeper Charles Allen is in the front row in…

Group photo of people in costume for Days of the Golden West celebration on the Ventura County Courthouse steps. Court House group, days of the Golden West, 1934

Dedication of Pioneer Monument
A large crowd of men, women, and children gather along either side of the Pioneer Monument in Foster Park on the occasion of its dedication on June 9, 1934. The monument is comprised on a bronze plaque on a Sespe brownstone boulder that lists the…

Jury in John Churchill Trial
Group portrait of the jurors that tried and acquitted John Churchill. Churchill was charged with the murder of T. Wallace More in 1877.

Standing (l-r): C. C. Bornune, Mr. Reitte, Alex Grey, John Hund, Ed Arnold, Alpha Buker, Charles Burke

Men Topping Sugar Beets
Group photo of several men standing side by side, topping sugar beets. They stop mid-work to pose for the photo, most of them holding sugar beets and or tools in hand. The men are in the middle of a vast field of sugar beets, a wind row in the far…

Group Photo at Camp Bartlett
A group of men, women, and children pose for a group photo. They crouch or stand in about three rows. They are at Camp Bartlett, between Santa Paula and Ojai.

Water Well Drilling Crew on Hartman Ranch
Water well drilling crew on Hartman Ranch. Equipment and men surround a pipe releasing water in to a canal. J. C. Hartman on left.

Ventura County Cattlemen's Association Board of Directors
Outdoor group photo of members of the Ventura County Cattlemen's Association Board of Directors. From left to right: Elmer Izer, R. D. Dickenson, Glen Good, Eugene Percy, Joe Nesbit (Nesbitt?), Joe Terry, Jack Willett, Mike Griffin.

Funeral service for Matsuko Suzuki
Funeral guests gather for a group photo with the casket at at the funeral for Matsuko Suzuki. Mourners stand outside of a mortuary (possibly S. H. Diffenderffer & Son Mortuary) and they include men, women, and children.

Mexican Independence Day Float in Fillmore
Float decorated for Mexican Independence Day parade on September 16, 1935 in Filllmore, CA. Member of Círculo Nardo de Los Leñadores stand in front of the float wearing white ruffled dresses. A banner stands between them.

Ruth Sanchez, far left;…

Group Photo in Front of Fillmore High School
Group photo of two young women and two young men in front of Fillmore High School. The group stands in a line with hands on the waist of the person in front, but turned toward the camera. Only two of the people are identified, Woody Ybarra, left, and…

Young Women Dressed for a Costume Party
Refugio (Ruth) Sanchez, Concha Guerrero, Dominga Sanchez, and Maria (Mary) Sanchez pose outdoors for a group photo. They are dressed for a costume party.

Longtime Japanese Residents of Ventura County
Group portrait of approximately 30 longtime Japanese residents of Ventura County. This photograph was taken at the funeral of Hanzo Kurihara. A row of older women are seated with rows of men and women standing behind them. All are wearing black. They…

Large Group of Children in Costumes
Group photo of a large group of children all dressed in costumes. The children are standing in front of Washington School in Ventura, and most have big smiles. There are two teachers not in costume standing amongst them. It is unclear why they are in…

Group Photo in a Mass of Pumpkins
An unidentified group poses in a mass of pumpkins. Three women sit on pumpkins and each holds one pumpkin aloft in one hand. A man stands with a pipe in his mouth.

Librarians Dressed as "Books"
Snapshot of 7 librarians dressed in costume. They pose outdoor on a lawn. A dog on a leash also joins them. Photo title was originally "Library stunt-Books."

Librarians pictured are (l-r): Dora Fossatti as "Hans Brinker"; Regina ____ as "Art in…

Peak Sisters Concert group photo
Group photo of ten women in white dunce hats. They all wear white or light colored shawls and some are sitting. Title on library records is "Peak Sisters Concert."

Orchestra and Luther Burbank
Group portrait, standing, in the front yard of the Burbank home in Santa Rosa, California. An orchestra made up of women, men, girls, and boys pose with Luther Burbank (far right). Musicians hold their instruments. According to library records: "This…

Kids in 1927 Model T
Several children sit in, stand on, or stand around a Ford Model T at the Ojai Valley School. Some of the people are identified: "Mr. Ascott inside, far left. Forefront: Ann Pierpont, Mark Schindler, (on wheel well) Mary Louise Gerard, Pat McBride,…

Group Photo of Several Women, Juan Camarillo, and Two Children
Group photo of several women, Juan Camarillo, and a boy and girl. They stand and sit outdoors on a lawn and walkway, a covered patio behind them.
L-R: Joane Canet Garnier, Onarinda Jones, Mabel Gabbert, Mrs. Canet, Tranquelena Jones, Renee Canet,…

Anselmo Ruiz with Man and Woman
Full group portrait of Anselmo "Cap" Ruiz in a wheelchair with an unidentified man and woman standing on either side of his. Cap has a striped blanket around his legs and a hanging planter on the wall behind him. Two doors are visible in the…

Ulpiano and Minnie Ruiz With Another Couple on Beach
Group portrait of two couples on the beach identified left to right as: Israel H., Mamie, and Minnie Ruiz. Ulpiano Ruiz is also identified, but is not clear which of the men he is. The couples sit on the sand with some belongings around them, and a…
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