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A glass plate negative of a woman standing under a grape trellis at the Olivas Adobe. A pet deer is visible standing next to the woman. Ripe grapes are visible hanging in the foreground.

Wine Label
Image of a wine label that reads "Sta. Cruz Island Company San Francisco Seal, Incorporated Feby. 1869. Sta. Cruz Island. Sta. Barbara Co. Calif. Burgundy."

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Harvesting Grapes from Vineyards on Santa Cruz Island
Numerous workers harvest grapes into crates from vast vineyards that stretch out very far in the image. Hills and mountains barely visible in background.

Grape Arbor Over Two Lovers
Outdoor scene at Rancho Camulos taken from under the grape arbor. In the foreground of the image the sides and top of the arbor are visible. Grape leaves hang down from the arbor. Outside the arbor is a picket fence with a gate. A man and woman…
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