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Playing in the Snow in Ventura
Snapshot of people playing in the snow on the side of the road. A man walks toward the camera holding a large ball of snow. Snowy hillside is in the background.

Group Photo in Front of Camarillo Residence
An unidentified group of men and women, sitting in & standing alongside horse drawn stagecoach marked "Wells Fargo Express." Another sign reads "Harold's Club or Bust! Reno, Nevada." They are in front of Adolfo Camarillo residence

Snow in Grimes Canyon
Group photo of a woman and three men enjoying the snow in Grimes Canyon, Bardsdale.


Man Balancing on Bicycle Seat
A young man in trousers with suspenders and jacket balances on one leg on a bicycle with hat in one hand. He is in front of a farmhouse. Photo is mounted in album.
[Old photo # P-217-4]

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Small Boy on Big Bicycle
A small boy sits on a bicycle much too large for him in front of a farmhouse. A man with a horse and wagon behind him are on the right side of photo. Photograph is mounted in album.
[Old #P-217-4]

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The Sheridan family at the beach
The Sheridan family having a picnic at the beach by the pier. Several women and girls sit on the sand, and three men and a boy stand in the background.

Snowstorm and Storefronts
People enjoying the snow, two men and two women on a sidewalk in front of stores reading "See H.J. Crinklaw For Rooms and Board" & "Whipple & Riave, Genl. Merchandise". Possibly in 1916 snowstorm.

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Mock "hold-up" on a mountain trail
Photograph of a mock "hold-up" on "Nation" (?) trail:
Three young women dressed alike in skirts, light colored blouses and hats are aiming hand guns at two men and a woman dressed more formally with hands in the air. Mountains in the background.


Two women on beach early 1900's
"Eloquent pleading on the beach on a Sunday afternoon in Ventura." Two women at the beach--one is on her right knee looking up and the other is holding an umbrella and a book. Both of them are smiling at each other. Photo has a crease diagonally…

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