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Cross on Hill, Easter Services
A crowd gathers under a cloudy sky around the Cross on the Hill in Ventura. View faces city of Ventura and the Pacific Ocean. Photo caption reads: Easter Sunrise Services Ventura, Calif. 1929."

Father Grogan Consecrating Hill Cross & Tablet
Father Grogan consecrating the cross on the hill and tablet, Junipero Serra Day, Ventura, 24 Nov. 1913. A group of people stand around the cross and some children are looking into the camera.

Grant Park Cross
Junipero Serra Day November 24, 1913. A group of people gathered at the cross on the hill in Ventura.

Raising of Hill Cross
Hill Cross, Grant Park Cross, being raised on November 24, 1913. A crowd of people stand around the cross and the ocean and sky are visible in the background.

Taft Hotel and California Street
View facing north up California St. from the corner of Santa Clara St. Taft Hotel seen in photo, located at 695 California St. Other businesses include Astor Hotel, Hotel Ventura, Heavens the Cleaners, and Security National Bank. Writing on photo…

Ventura City Hall
Ventura City Hall on the Northwestern corner of California St., with Ventura Court House at the top of California St.

Woman Next to Hill Cross
Side view of a woman standing next to Hill Cross, Grant Park, Ventura.
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