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Women's Fashion Show Models
Group photo of fashion show by female models for Jack Rose in El
Jardin patio. Four models show off dresses on and near short set of steps leading into El Jardin. Two little boys in tuxedos and hats sit on the steps. Behind these four models appear…

Three Fashionable Young Women
L-R: Dominga Sanchez, Mary Sanchez, and Concha Guerrero pose for an outdoor portrait on a sidewalk in front of a fenced yard. They are dressed fashionably in skirts or dresses and are all wearing open toed pumps. Dominga and Concha wear hats.

Three Young Women Sitting on Car
Three young women, Dominga Sanchez, Mary Sanchez, and Concha Guerrero sit on the sidestep of a car. They are dressed fashionably in dresses, suits, and/or pumps. There is a tree and a house in the background behind the car.

Group Photo, Young Women at the Beach
Group photo of Pilar Garcia, Concha Guerrero, and Maria (Mary) Sanchez standing on the sand at the beach. There is a house behind them and hillsides behind the house. The young women wear wide leg pants and short sleeved blouses.

Soledad Ybarra and Jesus Muñoz
Outdoor portrait of Soledad Ybarra (standing) and Jesus Muñoz, daughter of Pascula Garnica. They are standing in front of a fenced garden. Soledad looks at the viewer and Jesus is turned to her right facing off to the left of the viewer. Both are…

Refugio Sanchez
Refugio "Ruth" Sanchez poses for an outdoors photo on the occasion of her birthday on February 9, 1928. She is smiling at the viewer and wears a dress with ruffled accents and black pumps. She is under one corner of an arbor, house in the background.

Concha Guerrero Portrait
Full portrait of Concha Guerrero standing outdoors, leaning against a post with a house and parked car in the background. Concha is looking off to the right of the viewer and is wearing a knee length dress or coat with fur collar and sleeve trim.

Concha Guerrero and Juana Sandoval
Full portrait of two women, Concha Guerrero, left, and Juana Sandoval, standing outside. Concha is wearing a broad-brimmed floppy hat, dress, and pumps; Juana wears a cloche hat, dress, and pumps.

Pansy Brewster in Fancy Cloak With Flowers in Hair
Sepia toned full studio portrait of Pansy Brewster, side view. She is dressed in a light colored lacy dress with shawl or cloak with collar and furry fringe. She wears her hair up with flowers in it. There is a fur in the foreground and a studio…
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