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Doraliza Ruiz
Oval portrait bust of Doraliza Ruiz sitting upright in a diagonal profile view. Doraliza Ruiz was the second child of Gabriel and Rafaela Cota Ruiz. Born August 24 1861; died March 2 1894.

Maria del Espíritu Ortega
Bust portrait of Maria del Espíritu Ortega, who later married Victor Ustasaustagui. She is leaning forward, looking to the right of the viewer. Her long sleeved dress has tassels adorning the neckline and she wears a light colored scarf.

Theodosia B. Shepherd, Bust Portrait
Bust portrait of Theodosia Burr Shepherd in a plaid dress looking to the right of the viewer. She wears her hair parted in the center, and up in the back.

According to library records, photo is from a "T. B. Shepherd book", but it is unclear which…

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Theodosia B. Shepherd
Bust portrait of Theodosia B. Shepherd looking to the left of the viewer. She wears a dress or blouse adorned with a lace front with a flower.
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