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Edith McDivett
Bust portrait of Edith McDivett, wearing her hair up and looking to the right of the viewer. She wears a high collared blouse or dress and a corsage.

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Elizabeth Hardison, Child Portraits
Four portraits of Elizabeth Hardison as a toddler, mounted. They show her posed seated and standing wearing a long white dress, necklace, and a bow in her curled hair.

Elvina Peirano child portrait
Seated portrait of Elvina Peirano, gazing to the right of camera, verso of photo: "1 year, 10 months." Elvina wears a white gown and her hair is loose in curls.

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Fred Carlisle Snodgrass Baby Portrait
Full sepia toned portrait photograph of Fred Carlisle Snodgrass as an infant (age 6 mos. to 1 yr.). Fred is seated and in profile, but turned toward the camera. He appears to have light colored curly hair and is wearing a light colored gown.…

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Laura Brewster Boquist
Seated portrait of Laura Brewster Boquist, a young woman, wearing a dark dress with buttons down the front and a belt. She is looking to the right of the viewer.
[Duplicate glass plate negative: gp442.]

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Lillian Flournoy Rice
Oval bust portrait of Lillian Flournoy Rice (Mrs. Thomas A. Rice). She is wearing a printed, high collared dress with buttons down the front and is looking to the viewer's left. According to library records: "Daughter of Thomas Flournoy of Contra…

Manuel R. Duarte
Bust portrait in oval frame of Manuel Real Duarte, son of Manuel Duarte and Carmen Real Duarte, as a young man. He is wearing suite and tie. He has curly hair that is parted to the side. He is looking directly at the viewer.

Maria Louisa Ruiz and Gordon Nidever Ruiz - Infants
Oval portrait of Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louisa Ruiz sitting in chairs leaning against a drape. They are both wearing light colored children's clothes and Maria has light ribbons in her pigtails. Maria and Gordon are the children of Maria…

Maria Sanchez Outdoor Portrait
Outdoors full portrait of Maria (Mary) Sanchez, standing in a fenced in yard. She is turned to her left, with arms behind her back, facing the viewer. She wears a long light-colored dress and pumps. There is a train in the background.

Mary Wentworth Robinson
Bust portrait of Mary Wentworth Robinson, wife to Captain Richard Robinson. Mary is wearing a black dress with large buttons and a white lace collar. Her hair is back and curled. She is looking directly at the viewer.

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Miss L. Boling
Bust portrait of Miss L. Boling facing the viewer but gazing slightly right of the viewer. Her hair is up and she wears a high collared blouse or dress.


Mrs. Trainor
Full portrait of Mrs. Trainor (first name not known), a middle-aged woman standing with one arm leaning on an upholstered chair and another arm draped across her torso, hand resting on the chair, looking at the camera. She wears a dark colored blouse…

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Muzette Permelia Carre
Studio portrait of Muzette Permelia Carre, a two year old girl, standing behind a prop railing or fence, leaning forward, her hands clutching a doll that is laying on the railing. Muzette smiles toward the viewer, gazing to the viewer's right.…

Portrait of a girl

Portrait of a woman.

Ralph and Julien Cerf
Portrait of Ralph and Julien Cerf, two young children seated together on top of a wooden carved bench. They are both wearing long gowns with lace collars and buckled boots. One of the boys holds a basket of flowers in one hand.

Ruth Ruiz - Age 8
Full portrait of Ruth M. Ruiz at age eight leaning against an ornate wooden chair. She is wearing a light colored dress with dark stockings and booths. She has ribbons in her hair in the pigtail fashion. A studio backdrop of a concrete wall and…

Theodosia B. Shepherd
Bust portrait of Theodosia B. Shepherd looking to the left of the viewer. She wears a dress or blouse adorned with a lace front with a flower.
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