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Atala, Will, and Adela Wagner
Family bust portrait of three children: Atala, Will, Adela Wagner. The children are only identified by name, not position in photograph. They all wear corsages. One of the children, a girl and possibly the eldest, stands behind the other two…

Belle Gabbert
Full portrait of Belle Gabbert in a full length dress with a high collar and buttons down the top half. She is wearing a corsage and her hair up, gazing to the right of the viewer. She stands next to a faux wall with one hand on a vase placed atop…

Edith McDivett
Bust portrait of Edith McDivett, wearing her hair up and looking to the right of the viewer. She wears a high collared blouse or dress and a corsage.

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Ella Elizabeth Gould
Bust portrait of Ella Elizabeth (Crane) Gould, looking to the left of the viewer. She wears her hair up adorned with a pin. She wears a high collared cloak around her shoulders and a corsage near her neck. There is some cutoff writing at bottom of…

John and Dee Duarte De La Rosa
John and Dee Duarte De La Rosa pose for a photo standing on a sidewalk near parked cars. He is dressed in a suit and tie, and she is wearing a blouse and skirt outfit with a corsage. John has one arm around Dee's shoulders and another in his pocket.…

Katherine Hoffman and Edith Hobson Hoffman
Katherine Hoffman (left) stands with her mother, Edith Hoffman (center), conversing with another woman who is unidentified. They appear to be at a party as they are all in formal dress and wearing corsages.

Mr. and Mrs. John Goeltz Wedding Portrait
Full portrait of Mr. John Goeltz and his bride (first name not provided), Mrs. Goeltz. He wears a tuxedo and holds gloves in one hand. She wears a dark colored wedding dress with a long veil.

Portrait of Mrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd
A posed portrait bust of Mrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd. She is in profile view of the camera. Taken from Theodosia B. Shepherd's book, Descriptive Catalogue, Flowers, Plants Seeds, Bulbs. Typed text on bottom reads, "Mrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd."…

Ventura High School Graduation, Class of 1891
Group photo of seven young men and women pose sitting and standing in formal dresses and suits. The women are carrying bouquets and wearing corsages, and all hold large diplomas. A garland of flowers lays in front of the group.

Students are…

Wedding Portrait, Miguel Ortiz and Delphine Garibaldi
Bust portrait for wedding of Miguel Ortiz and Delphine Garibaldi, May 1941. He is in a suit and tie and she is in a polka dot dress. He is looking into the camera, and she is looking off to the left of camera.
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