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Three Postcards of Ventura Postcard
Postcard titled "Greetings from Ventura, Cal." featuring three images of Ventura: "Street Scene in Ventura," "San Buenaventura Misssion (Founded 1783)," and "Birds-eye view of Ventura." The background shows holly berries and leaves, clouds, and angel…

Oxnard, the city of many cultures postcard
An illustrated postcard featuring a color painting of a scroll of parchment with a collage of images featuring Oxnard, including a seagull over a beach strawberry plants and historical buildings.
[Modern Postcard]

Ventura Souvenir Postcard
Postcard that contains six photos. Writing on photos appears to be handwritten. Photos are labeled "San Buenaventura Mission. Founded 1782"; "Concrete Bridge Across Ventura River"; "Ventura County Court House 1873"; "Ventura County Court House 1913";…


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