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Oxnard, the city of many cultures postcard
An illustrated postcard featuring a color painting of a scroll of parchment with a collage of images featuring Oxnard, including a seagull over a beach strawberry plants and historical buildings.
[Modern Postcard]

Three Postcards of Ventura Postcard
Postcard titled "Greetings from Ventura, Cal." featuring three images of Ventura: "Street Scene in Ventura," "San Buenaventura Misssion (Founded 1783)," and "Birds-eye view of Ventura." The background shows holly berries and leaves, clouds, and angel…

Ventura Souvenir Postcard
Postcard that contains six photos. Writing on photos appears to be handwritten. Photos are labeled "San Buenaventura Mission. Founded 1782"; "Concrete Bridge Across Ventura River"; "Ventura County Court House 1873"; "Ventura County Court House 1913";…


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