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Sunday School Picnic 1910
Group portrait of a Sunday school class picnic. The children pose in a group by a eucalyptus grove. The children are dressed in formal attire. The smallest children are in the front and the taller children in the back of the group. To the right of…

Outdoor Family Photo
Family portrait of seven people outside what appears to be a train station. There are two men, three women, and two children in the photo. A portion of an automobile is to the right of the picture, behind the family.

Pringle Blanchard and Peeper the Duck A
Four snapshot photos of Pringle Blanchard holding Peeper the duck. Pringle is sitting on a grass lawn. She wears a white dress and headband. Each photo shows her in slightly different pose holding Peeper. Peeper appears to be a mallard hen.…

Oscar and Philomena Constance
Shows Philomena Louie Constance (left) with her son, Oscar Constance standing outside their home at 411 Oak St. Philomena wears her hair pulled back, a dark shirt, and a torn apron over her skirt. She is looking at the viewer. Oscar wears overalls…

Scott Peck and "Wizard" at Ventura County Fair
Shows Scott Peck and "Wizard," the 4-H prize sheep at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Scott is kneeling behind Wizard and appears to be supporting the sheep's head. Wizard is has its wool shorn and has a white body with black face and…

Boy Milking Cow
Shows a young boy sitting on a box and milking a black cow. The boy is wearing overalls and a wide-brimmed straw hat. He is looking over his shoulder to the right side of the view. Cow is facing the right side. A chain is looped around its horns.

Group Photo of Children at Rancho Camulos
Image depicts a group of eleven people, women and children, posing for a photo on a bench at Rancho Camulos. Alice Bowers is the first woman sitting on the left side of the bench. Enedina del Valle and Nachita del Velle Kirby are seated in the middle…

Farmhouse and Garden
Shows a small farmhouse and garden. Photo taken from the tilled garden space. Three small saplings appear to be growing in the tilled earth. The farmhouse is a single-story, wood structure. Large trees grow behind it. An unidentified man and two…

Thomas B. McFarland, Jr. in Muddy Clothes
Portrait of Thomas B. McFarland, Jr. at 2 years old standing barefoot and covered in mud, McFarland Ranch, Oxnard. He stands with his back towards the viewer, looking over his right shoulder at the viewer. Laundry hanging on a clothesline is visible…

Falkner Farm Apricot Pitting Crew
Outdoor group photo of the apricot pitting crew at Falkner Farm, standing under covered patio. Crew includes men, women, and children.

Bertha Tumamait Blanco Teaching Yucca Cordage
Bertha Tumamait Blanco (left) seated and instructing Courtney Marie Wallace on yucca cordage. Taken in the Museum of Ventura County courtyard during the Chumash Youth Program.

Note: Museum records indicate that Bertha Tumamait Blanco was born 20…

Five Young Dancers at Flora Robb Dance Studio, Oxnard
Yolanda Verrett, Patricia Ann Holloway, Evelyn Yvonne Holloway, Lavonia Webb and Anna Fay Webb as young girls tap dancing at Flora Robb Dance Studio in Oxnard. The girls are dressed in matching leotards, tutus, tap shoes, and hair bows.

Dr. Stephen Coray Vaccinating Child Against Measles
Stephen Coray, M.D. (left) with a young patient. Dr. Coray is pressing a jet injector to the child's arm. The child is smiling and pointing to his arm. A sign that reads "Measles Stop Measles" in the shape of a traffic stop sign is visible behind the…

Eddie Gonzales at Rivcom Protest
Eddie Gonzales holding sign for Rivcom [Rancho Sespe] protest at the Ventura County Government Center. Gonzales is two years old in photo. Other protesters visible in background. Gonzales' sign reads "I need water to grow." Ventura County Star-Free…

Julia Sandoval Protesting "English Only" Ordinance
Julia Sandoval carrying a sign and child at protest of the "English only" ordinance in Fillmore. Child is holding small American flag and is drinking from bottle. Sandoval's sign reads "Down with Insensitivity." Other protesters visible on sides and…

Children Working at FSA Camp
View of children working at the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio. One girl is standing in center of view with arms crossed and facing viewer. Around girl, other children carry stacks of wood.

Preparing Food at FSA Camp
View of two women and young child seated on chairs in a tent at the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp, in El Rio. One of the women is peeling a vegetable over a bowl on her lap. Other tents visible in background.

Women Doing Laundry at FSA Camp
View of two women cleaning laundry at outdoor wash sinks. A young girl stands next to the sinks. A boy is leaning on the frame that covers the washing area. Tents and drying line visible in background.

Shot at the Farm Security Administration…

Men at Work at FSA Camp
View of three men woodworking outdoors. A young boy is seated on a work table and is watching the men. Men are wearing hats. Tent visible in background.

Shot taken at the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio.

Children Under FSA Camp Sign, El Rio
Group of five boys seated in a circle under the sign at the entrance to the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio. Trees and tents visible in the background.

Sign reads, "U. S. Department of Agriculture // Farm Security Administration…

Faustino Lopez's Grocery Store Interior, Santa Paula
Interior view of Faustino Lopez's Mexican Grocery Store in Santa Paula. Customer, Quejada leaning against counter. Shop owner, Faustino Lopez and his sons, Celso and Jose behind counter. Shelves of goods visible behind counter.

Note: Museum…

Gillibrand Family of Simi Valley
Group portrait of the Gillibrand Family sitting in front of a wooden building. A child seated in the center holds a small dog.

Chick and Bristol Family Portrait
Outdoor group photo of Alice B. Chick, Amelia L. Bristol, Leroy B. Chick, and Allan. Allan is shown as a young child standing in front of Amelia Bristol.

Note: "Allan was Leroy B's son by his first marriage."

Queen Bertha and Her Court, Ventura Street Fair
Group photo of people dressed in Baroque-style costumes at the Ventura Street Fair. Two people are seated in thrones in the center of the image, the one seated in the left throne is a woman wearing a crown and identified as "Queen Bertha." Two girls…

Front of Point Mugu Store After 1939 Storm
View of a heavily damaged clapboard sided wooden building after a storm in 1939. The word "Store," in capital letters, is on a sign over the front entrance. One end of the building appears to be collapsing and many of the windows are broken. Frank…
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