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Stage at Armory Hall
State setup for Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Convention. A large American flag hangs as a backdrop and empty chairs fill the stage. A banner that reads "Cushing Post" Ventura is hanging center stage. Floral arrangements also decorate the stage.

Dedication of Montalvo Bridge
Ceremony for the dedication of the Montalvo Bridge across the Santa Clara River. Crowds of people and what appear to be horses and carriages are gathered around.

Masonic Temple Ground Breaking
Group photo of residents standing on land going to be used to build the Masonic Temple on Santa Clara and California Streets in Ventura. Photo is made up of two photos.

Santa Paula Residents
Group portrait of Santa Paula residents who have lived there for 50 years or more. Taken on the occasion of 63rd Anniversary of Santa Paula. Men and women are seated in rows on what appears to be risers. There are in a building that looks like it…


Ventura Courthouse dedication ceremony 1913
Side view of the front of the Ventura Courthouse during dedication ceremony in 1913.

Dedication of Saticoy Bridge
Dedication of Saticoy Bridge


Ceremony under tent.

Public ceremony.

Public Ceremony in a Tent


Funeral rites and ceremonies.

Parade at Ventura Depot.

Ceremony on Chestnut Street, in front of Rose Hotel, with a band.

Men engaged in a ceremony in a large tent.

Men engaged in a ceremony in a large tent.

San Buenaventura Mission Sesquicentennial Tree Planting Ceremony
A large group of people gather in the Mission courtyard and on the sidewalk for the Mission's 150th Anniversary celebration and tree planting ceremony on April 3, 1932. Cars are parked along Main Street in the foreground. The photo seems to have been…

Photograph taken before Ventura County Courthouse signage was changed to City hall
Photograph taken as the signage outside the Ventura County Courthouse was changed to indicate it was now the San Buenaventura City Hall. A group of people in hard hats hold the sign on the steps of the court house.

Oxnard High School Graduation, 1939
This image shows Nao Takasugi delivering the valedictorian address to the Oxnard High School class of 1939. This event took place on the athletic field at the High School. The school band can be seen in the orchestra pit below the elevated stage. …

Pasqual M. Real, Anthony D. Real & Claudina L.D. Real
Group portrait in in oval frame of (l-r) Pasqual Moreno Real, Anthony Duarte Real, and Claudina Lugo Duarte Real on the occasion of Anthony's christening. Pasqual is wearing a dark suit and tie. Anthony is wearing a white christening gown and bonnet…

Katherine Hoffman Haley Graduation
Group portrait of (Left to Right): Father Grogan, ____, ____, Katherine Hoffman. Father Grogan is wearing black robes and is smiling. The three women are wearing white graduation caps and gowns, holding bouquets of flowers and what can be presumed to…

Katherine Hoffman Haley and Governor Ronald Reagan
Portrait of Katherine Hoffman Haley and then Governor Ronald Reagan. Museum records do not provide context for this photograph but it appears that Governor Reagan is presenting Hoffman Haley with an award or trophy of some sort. They are standing in…

Walter Hoffman at Ventura County Historical Museum Ground Breaking
Walter W. Hoffman, wearing a suit, tie, and sunglasses, stands outdoors at a podium with a rendition of the Ventura County Historical museum in front of the podium. He is addressing an unseen crowd in front of him at the ground breaking ceremony for…

Dedication Ceremony for Ventura City Hall
Dedication ceremonies for Ventura City Hall on Poli Street in Ventura. A large crowd stands on the front steps and on Poli Street, some sitting in folding chairs.

Dedication of Ventura County Court House, 1913
Side view of the dedication ceremony taking place for the Ventura County Courthouse in 1913. Several people stand on the front entrance and side of the building. Chairs are set up in the grass in front of the building with several groups of people…

Oxnard Carnegie Library
Exterior view of the Carnegie Library in Oxnard. It is possibly the dedication ceremony for the library, as there are several people gathered in front of the building and there are speakers at the top of the building's steps near the entrance. The…

Buena High Graduates Throwing Mortarboards
Buena High graduates stand outdoors celebrating their graduation by holding up their diplomas and throwing mortarboards into the air. Young women appear to be wearing lighter colored graduation gowns than those of the young men. Ventura County…
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