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California Street facing courthouse
View facing north up California Street toward the Courthouse, now City Hall, in Ventura. Cars are parked on both sides of the street in front of residences.

Polo Grounds, New York, 1912 World Series
Sepia photograph of the "Polo Grounds-NY." 1912 World Series game between the New York Giants and the Boston Red Sox. Baseball game in progress, stands full of spectators. Some of the surrounding area visible. Buildings visible. Signage visible in…

Road Sign Advertising for Oxnard Hotel
Image of a sign for the Oxnard Hotel taken from the side of a road. Sign reads "Straight Ahead 8 miles Oxnard Hotel 65 Rooms Hot and Cold Water-Private Baths Dining Room A La Carte Service" and in small letters on the left side of the sign "Lyle…

Road Sign Advertising for Oyster Loaf Café
Image taken from the side of the highway. Five cars visible on the highway in the foreground. Sign and greenery visible in the background. Sign reads "Dine at the Sign Coast Highway - Oxnard -- Beer on Draught".


Taft Hotel and California Street
View facing north up California St. from the corner of Santa Clara St. Taft Hotel seen in photo, located at 695 California St. Other businesses include Astor Hotel, Hotel Ventura, Heavens the Cleaners, and Security National Bank. Writing on photo…

Ventura Police Department Personnel Group Photo
Group photo - Ventura Police Dept. personnel in formation, May 1967. They are in a lot next to the police department. Two men stand on top of the police department building watching from above. A billboard is in the background, left, partially reads:…
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