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Ventura Bath House Postcard
A large, 3-story rectangular grey building with an American flag on top and many cars lined up in front and along the side. A few people, appearing to be men and women alike, are seen coming out and going towards the entrance. The parking lot is…

Ventura Bath House postcard
View from the beach at the foot of California Street showing the bath house entrance. The building's western and southern facades are visible. The building is blocky and rectangular in design.

[MacGregor Bros., Ventura, Cal. (Postcards of…

Ventura Bath House, Ventura, California undated postcard
The inside of a bathhouse. The majority of the picture is a swimming pool, with dark blue-green water. Roughly a dozen people (gender unclear) are in the water, and a long yellow slide leads down from an upper level, packed with people behind a…
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