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Rancho Sespe fair exhibit
Rancho Sespe exhibit at the 1923 Ventura County Fair of what appear to be oranges or some other citrus fruit. Crates in the display read "gold stripe", "red stripe", and some have a circular label that reads "Sunkist".

A Field of Cala Lilies Near Ventura postcard
Two unidentified figures stand waist deep in a field of Cala lillies. The figure to the left stands facing the viewer with hands on hips and wears a tan colored suit and hat. The figure to the right stands facing the figure on the left but looks…

A Sugar Beet Field postcard
Foreground features a sugar beet field. In the background you can see trees and some sort of structure.
[Rieder, M., Publ., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, 9339]

Aerial View of Oxnard Plains Looking South toward Pt. Mugu
Aerial view of Oxnard plains looking south towards Pt. Mugu. Some homes visible surrounded by farmland. Mountains in the background.

Agricultural field near Ventura California, with hills in background.

Agricultural Group Photo
Outdoor panorama sepia toned photograph of an agricultural scene very similar to #38792. "Sudden Derritt" printed in white on face of photograph. Man in
buckboard in foreground. Loaded wagons, pulley belt thresher, workers and horses visible. On…

Agricultural production of dried apricots.

Agricultural production of dried apricots.

Full AgriculturePanelTimeLineLarissa Strauss.jpg
Image of mosaic commissioned by Museum Docent Council. Artistic representation of the agricultural nature of Ventura County.

Apricot Crew and Trays of Drying Apricots
Several rows of drying apricots lay on the ground in the image foreground. In the background is a large group posing for the camera. Among them are men, women, and children. Some of the group sit on sacks (presumably filled with…

Apricot Harvest at Elliot Hendry Ranch
View of two boys scraping dried apricots from a wood frame into fruit crates. Boy on left has face obscured by a shadow. A stack of empty frames is behind the boys. More frames containing drying apricots are visible on the ground around the boys.

Apricot Pickers on the Staire Ranch
Group photo of apricot pickers, men, women, and children, on the Staire Ranch standing in front of a pitting shed. Staire Ranch was on Ventura Avenue. On the right, the woman with dirty apron, hand to head, is Muriel C. Eells. Man in dark coveralls…

Apricot processing facilities.

Barranca View of Hondo Ranch Lemon Grove
View through the middle of a vast lemon grove, with tire tracks running through the center. Caption reads "Looking east from barranca 3 year old lemon grove TR 17 (B.I. Co. [Berylwood Investment Company] Hondo Ranch)."

Bean Field
Snapshot of a bean field with trees in background.

Bird's Eye View of Ojai Valley, Ojai postcard
Bird's eye view of Ojai Valley, Ojai. Agricultural fields are visible in the foreground. A blue sky and mountains with a light covering of snow are visible in the background.

[Western Publishing and Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Calif., 91729]

Boxmakers at Blanchard Packinghouse in Santa Paula
Four male boxmakers (wooden crates for lemons) group portrait. The men are standing or sitting surrounded by boxes with brand seals and drawings of lemons on them. Leon Preciado, Sr. (left) and Jesus Gonzales (2nd from right) are among the group.…

Boxmakers at Blanchard Packinghouse in Santa Paula
Four male boxmakers (wooden crates for lemons) group portrait. The men are standing in front of boxes piled high. One man holds a box in one hand. Men are: Phillipe (possibly Felipe) Lopez, Jesus Gonzales, Leon Preciado and Enrique Vela. Location is…

Calla Lily Field
Closeup of rows of calla lilies growing in rows in a field, identified as Sam Cole's farm in the Mound area of Ventura. Mountains in background.

Charles McCoy's Team Hauling Barley
Charles McCoy's ten horse team hauls 15 tons of barley up a hill. One man sits on one of the horses and another sits on one of the wagons, a dog by his side. The horses pull alongside a steep hill.

Citrus Planting by Edwards - Meek Co.
Young citrus orchard. Caption reads "Citrus planting by Edwards - Meek Co. in 1925. This orchard now owned by C. Thorpe. It is just north of 80 BI Co. Salt Barn. TRB. The road shown is Donlon Rd. Walnut trees in foreground on Tract B."

Citrus Workers
This image is an exterior group portrait of Japanese citrus workers posing with their supervisor in a citrus orchard at the Teague-McKevett Ranch.

Cutting beans on Hartman Ranch
Farm workers cutting beans on Hartman Ranch, possibly lima beans.

Drying Apricots
Wide view of trays of apricots drying on a field from a distance. Many men are in the scene, some moving trays of apricots and some looking at the camera for the photo. A small grouping of houses or buildings and mountains are in the background.

Drying apricots in a field with a work crew in the background.
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