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Half portrait of A. L. Hobson, seated, in a tuxedo, looking at the camera.

A. L. Hobson on Horse
A. L. Hobson sits on a horse dressed up for the Ventura County Fair. Hobson holds an instrument? in his hand and is wearing a suit. Spectators are in the background.

First page of handwritten copy of Assembly Bill Number 218, approved March 22, 1872, by the California State Legislature. Also contains original certification document, signed April 2, 1872 by H.H. Russell, deputy, for Drury Malone, Secretary of…

Acme Bottling Works
Side-view from the street of Acme Bottling Works, northwest corner of Hemlock and Poli Streets in Ventura

Mrs. A. J. Comstock portrait
Bust portrait of Mrs. A. J. Comstock, posed looking into the camera. She was the mother of Victoria Comstock who married Edwin Sheridan.

Adella Ward Weaver
Side view bust portrait of Adella Ward, Della (b. 1884), in dark blouse looking downward to the left of camera. A light is shining on her back and head, and she appears blurred.

Adella Ward Weaver
Side view bust portrait of Adella Ward, Della (b. 1884), in dark blouse looking downward to the left of camera. "Oxnard Studio" engraved in small letters at bottom of photograph.

Administration Building, Camarillo State Hospital postcard
View of the hospital administration building and bell tower from across the street. One car is parked in front of the building, and another is approaching.
[Kolor View Press, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (Pub. & Dist. by Woody Gillette, 1204 W.Nectarine,…

Adobe building in Mission garden
Adobe building in the Mission garden with a man standing to the left of the building. Flowers are growing in front of the adobe, shown in photo foreground. There is a sign attached to the front of the adobe building. Writing in pen along the top of…
Henry Brochard

Adobe on site of Hill School
The "House of the Angel," an adobe on the site of the Hill School. The first Republican Club also met in the adobe.

Adobe Ortega home on Ventura River
The exterior and yard of the Ortega's adobe home on the Ventura River.

Portrait of Adolfo Camarillo

Adolfo Camarillo portrait
Bust portrait of Adolfo Camarillo, turned sideways looking to his left toward the camera, gazing to the left of camera. He is in suit and tie.

Aerial Panorama of Westlake Village postcard
Aerial view of Westlake Village. There are buildings and roads around a lake. Inside the lake is an island with more roads. Caption at bottom reads: "Aerial Panorama of Westlake Village, California; Photo by Bliss Aerial Photos Pasadena."
Shows creek channels. First universalist church, right center, first aerial photo
Aerial view of flooding east of Santa Paula Creek
Image is taken facing south

Aerial view of Piru
Aerial snapshot of Piru

Aerial view of Ventura
Aerial snapshot of the Ventura area, including the coastline

Aerial view of Ventura
Aerial view of Ventura looking west from Five Points.

Aerial view of Ventura
Vertical aerial view of Ventura downtown and avenue area
Ventura Marina post flood; being rebuilt. Looking eastward from the ocean.

Aerial View of Ventura, 1948
Aerial view of Ventura taken about 1948
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