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Reproduction Cux
Replica of a Chumash feather headdress or cux; deerskin skull cap on a frame of twigs, with chinstraps made of milkweed cordage; bottom row is white turkey feathers, second row of medium length gray feather; top has a bundle or topknot of tall…

Chumash Basket
Coiled pedestal-base basket; foundation three-rod juncus, split juncus stitches, 12 stitches to one inch; reinforced rim, stitches completely cover foundation; tapered coil finish.

Digging Stick Weights
Black porous stone, circular with a hole in center.

Digging stick weight; made from natural unmodified cobble by pecking; biconically bored hole.

Steatite Pipes
Tubular, gray steatite pipe; one end tapers narrower than the other.

Some pipes found and taken from the Thurmond Ranch in Saticoy; one from Rincon area. Donated to the Museum.

Fishhooks and Net Weight
Barb section of a composite fishhook made of bone.

Mussel-shell fishhook; circular with parallel grooved shank; notch runs parallel to the length; rounded and deep on one face; found and taken from Rincon Point in the 1960s. Donated to the…

Shell Beads and Adornments
Triangular and trapezoidal abalone shell ornaments; one biconically drilled hole at each corner; some cross-hatching.

Bone Whistles
Whistle made from deer tibia with distal end broken off; proximal end has asphaltum over a hole, which shows the imprint of a shell that was once adhered there; found and taken from a cave in Northwest Ventura County. Donated to the Museum.


Projectile Points and Arrow Shaft Straightener
Straightener; single grooved, elliptical in shape with rounded upper surface, flat bottom.

Projectile points; found and taken from San Miguel Island. Donated to the Museum.

Mortar and Pestle with Cooking Bowl
A gray, coarse-grained steatite bowl; globular shape with rounded bottom; exterior is blackened from fire.

Stone mortar and pestle; rounded on one end; found and taken from Somis. Donated to the Museum.

Metate; round shape with surface…

Brass Gun Powder Flasks
(Flask, Powder) English-made, brass powder flasks with embossed hunting scene.

From Gerry Browning’s Docent Textbook: “The black powder of the "Old West" was a very explosive mixture of saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur. People dampened the mixture…


Coffee and Tea Service
(Service, Tea) Twelve-piece ceramic coffee and tea service with a silvery luster glaze.

Leather Top Hat Box
(Hatbox) Leather top hat box; stamped with “A. Levy”; lined with blue and white striped fabric.
Achille Levy came to Ventura County from France in the 1870s. Here he grew his business from agricultural broker at the Port of Hueneme to the largest…

Marine Clock
(Clock, Ship’s) 30-hour marine clock cased in brass and wood used on Ventura’s first pier
Mr. Joseph Wolfson, son-in-law of Juan Camarillo, spearheaded the creation of Ventura’s first pier and operated the wharf in its infancy. He used this marine…

Steiff Teddy Bear
(Animal, Stuffed; Bear, Teddy) Childhood Steiff Teddy bear belonging to Elizabeth Hardison (1924-2017) of Santa Paula.
A German stuffed animal company, founded by Margaret Steiff, created the first Teddy bear in 1902.
[Made in Germany; Used in…

Anacapa Hotel Key Tag
(Tag, Identification) Key tag used at the Anacapa Hotel in downtown Ventura.
The three-story hotel was built in 1889 operated by the Hartman family who ran it until it was razed in 1928.
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